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Bubbly Pool

Posted by algadmin on May 9, 2017
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Featured in photos around the World, the “Bubbly Pool” ” is still a closely guarded secret of Jost Van Dyke!!! Nature’s Jacuzzi, this naturally formed tidal pool is located behind jagged cliffs facing the open ocean coming from the North. When the North swell is up, this is absolutely a National Geographic experience as you wade in the pool and fearfully watch as the rolling sea comes at you with full force!!! Just at the last second as it looks as if the wave will go straight over you, the unique formation outside the pool prematurely breaks the wave and the resulting “bubbles” fill up the pool and give everyone a reason to be glad to be alive!!! The Bubbly Pool is a place that makes everyone smile. It is a short hike from the beach on the east end of the island. You will hike through Mangroves, hills of wild Sage, and a little amateur rock climbing. For the more adventurous, serious free-style rock climbing affords unbelievable photo opportunities of the whole area as well as a visit to the “Eagle’s Nest” and to the “Mighty Blow Hole”.