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The Food, the Fish, the Bait Ball

Posted by algadmin on May 10, 2017
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When I’m on Jost, I love to eat out in as many restaurants as I can. I LOVE food and enjoy eating out at as many restaurants as I can. Everyone of them is different and unique in their atmosphere. All of them are amazing and the food is so fresh! One of my favorite local west indian dish is chicken roti. It’s so delicious and the flavors are amazing. I love the ones at Soggy Dollar (White Bay) and at Ali Baba’s (Great Harbour). The fish is caught fresh, each day and served in the restaurants.. the same day!

Did you know that the 2nd deepest ocean depth in the world is next to Jost. It’s called the “North Sea Drop”. It’s a fisherman’s paradise! Have you ever seen a bait ball?! It’s really amazing. There are these Tarpin’s (huge fish!), they were, it seemed, like 6 feet tall and a lot of them, swimming around and around these zillions of minnows (and I mean zillions!). The Tarpins kept them in a tight ball and once in a while, the Tarpin would swim through the middle and have himself a minnow snack! I was snorkeling, watching this and it was amazing and so fun to watch nature under water.

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