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Donate to Rebuild JVD

Donate to hurricane relief

The outpouring of love is making us speechless. Our island of Jost Van Dyke may be small but her heart has reached large numbers around the world. Many are asking about donations to help with hurricane relief efforts.

The non-profit Jost Van Dyke Preservation Society is taking donations 2 ways:

  1.  via Paypal on their website
  2.  via GoFundme set up for hurricane relief

Many are also asking to ‘hands-on’ assist with skills and/or materials to rebuild White Bay Villas and the surrounding community. Toward this goal, White Bay Villas will be compiling a list to assist in this effort. Please contact

Hurricane Irma was devastating to many Caribbean islands including Jost Van Dyke on Sept 6, 2017. Thankfully no lives were lost on JVD though our beloved beach bars, restaurants, businesses, homes, shops and villas have been greatly damaged or destroyed. Most wooden structures did not survive. Our spirit and strength of community however live on and we will rebuild to once again host our many friends and extended family. Jost Van Dyke is more than a destination – it is about people being friendly and neighborly. It’s about love! Resilience and love!

White Bay Villas is fortunate in that it’s buildings are concrete and the roofs are anchored well so we can rebuild windows, doors, decks and furnishings. Many others were not so lucky. Please consider helping with donations or visits in the near future. Thank you!


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