There are many reasons why a couple should choose Jost Van Dyke for a BVI honeymoon destination. The first one that comes to mind is how romantic Jost Van Dyke is. It is absolutely gorgeous. Nothing is more romantic then being with your sweetie on the most amazing beach (White Bay) in the Caribbean. White powdery sand, crystal clear blue water and great, fun bars/restaurants. If you like peace, quiet and alone time, stay on the White Bay Villas end of White Bay. You'll have the beach to yourself! If you like social interaction, fun beach bars with great drinks, such as the Painkiller and the Bushwacker, then go to where the Soggy Dollar, One Love, Coco Loco, Gertrude's, etc are. These are really fun places. You'll meet so many wonderful people!
The second reason is how wonderful White Bay Villas are. The views are breathtaking and our Villas and Cottages are nice, private, clean and wonderfully appointed. They are delightful with all the necessities required to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.
The third reason is the night sky. The night sky on Jost Van Dyke will make your BVI honeymoon a memorable experience. There are billions of stars in the night sky, especially with no moon. I've never seen so many stars, constellations, and shooting stars, then when I'm on Jost. Looking out at STJ and STT is eye candy. So many lights! When you sit on your deck and If you look really close, you'll see that STT looks like an alligator, complete with tail and snout!
The fourth reason is you'll feel truly away from it all! Now, that's priceless. Jost Van Dyke and White Bay Villas are a one of a kind, unique, memorable experience. There is just no place like it.. anywhere. Once you've been there, you'll realize that too and be back for more adventures and memories.
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I've been traveling to Jost Van Dyke for about 20 years. I always looking forward to being on my favorite Island, Jost Van Dyke, at my favorite place on Jost, White Bay Villas. I love exploring the Island, as well as exploring the BVI's by boat. When I go out for a bit of adventure, off Island, I love to go the Caves, The Indians, The Willie T and Norman Island. It's a trip you can easily do 1 one day.
When I go to the Caves, I always bring a loaf of bread with me and encourage everyone to bring one too. The fish will come up to you and eat right out of your hand. It's the most amazing feeling and it tickles! It's a very cool experience. Next stop.. The Indians. 4 volcanic rocks sticking out in the middle of nowhere with the most explosive colors I've ever seen under water. The coral and the fish are amazing and makes for hours and hours of wonderful snorkeling and diving!! All that feeding of the fish and snorkeling makes one Next stop.. the Willie T (located off of Norman Island (aka Treasure Island!.. ARGGG!!)).  The Willie T, is a wonderful, fun floating bar/restaurant..on a really cool, big sailboat. They have the most yummy ribs and lots of other wonderful food too! They have really fun parties too, legendary actually!  This is easily a 6-8 hour day and when you get back to Jost, well... it's time for a nice dinner at one of the many wonderful restaurants.
These are must do's when you come to White Bay Villas and Jost Van Dyke.
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When I'm on Jost, I love to eat out in as many restaurants as I can. I LOVE food and enjoy eating out at as many restaurants as I can. Everyone of them is different and unique in their atmosphere. All of them are amazing and the food is so fresh! One of my favorite local west indian dish is chicken roti. It's so delicious and the flavors are amazing. I love the ones at Soggy Dollar (White Bay) and at Ali Baba's (Great Harbour). The fish is caught fresh, each day and served in the restaurants.. the same day!


The first time I went to Jost Van Dyke to stay, 1998, I stayed in White Bay, at the Plantation Villa. At that time, there was only the Plantation Villa and it was the owner's house. I'd never been there during the day. I had been there for New Year's Eve 1995 for the Olde Year's Eve party, traveling from Tortola. WHAT A PARTY, by the way!! So, I'd never seen it during the day.


When we got off the ferry, in Great Harbour, it was night time. We went straight to the Villa. Since we had been traveling all day, we were tired and went to bed early. The next day, I woke up and the sight I saw, I had never seen in my entire life. The Caribbean's crystal clear blue, blue water, powdery white sand and a bright clear blue sky to compliment the beach and the sea. 


Back then, there were no cabs or jeeps to rent. So we walked everywhere. We walked from White Bay Villas to the Bubbly Pool. It was quite the adventure! It took about an hour and a half to walk there. It was July and very warm, but we made it with lots of water. The Bubbly Pool was so fun and unique. It was like swimming in a glass of Champaign!  The goat path was awesome too and we hoped we were going the right way, because there was no one to ask and no cell phones back then.  We made it, had a great, fun day and walked all the way back to the Villa. I love how you can eat and drink to your heart's content and never gain an ounce!


As some of you know, I don't live on Jost, but it is my favorite place on the planet. The people are so friendly, and as I stay there during some of my longer stays, I really enjoy getting to know the locals. When I was there over Christmas last year, one of the locals had been to Florida to visit some friends. He drove from the east coast of Florida to the west coast of Florida. It took around 4 hours. After visiting the west coast of Florida, he and is wife were going to drive to Virginia.

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